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Oh our subpages, we have listed all secondary schools, comprehensive schools, and vocational training colleges that are assigned to the Centers for Practical Teacher Training, ZfsL for short, in Aachen, Jülich and Düren.

Teaching Practicum

Student teachers are required to gain experience in schools to practise their skills and knowledge, and to help them understand the links between theory and practice in authentic settings. These professional experience placements in schools are commonly called teaching practicum, or EOP for short in German. Students are responsible for finding a practicum placement in a school themselves. They need to contact the respective schools to find out how they should apply for such placement.

Practical semester

The practical semester can also be completed in almost all of the schools listed below. However, in the practical semester the place is allocated. Students must register via the online platform for the allocation of internship semester places, PVP for short, where they can specify a maximum of five schools of their choice.

Contact information for schools

On these pages you will find an overview of all high schools, comprehensive schools and vocational colleges in the training region – ZfsL Aachen, Jülich and Düren. If students would like to complete their teaching practicum at another school, they can use the NRW Ministry of Education’s search engine for schools under Suchmaschine für Schulen des Schulministeriums NRW, to search for schools throughout NRW according to various criteria, including region, organizational offerings, teaching opportunities, etc.

Secondary Schools (Gymnasium) in the training region

Comprehensive Schools (Gesamtschule) in the training region

Vocational Training Colleges in the training region

Other schools in the training region