District Government

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The LBZ collaborates closely with the District Government of Cologne. 


District Government

The LBZ collaborates closely with the Cologne District Government, or Bezirksregierung Köln, the responsible supervisory authority for the Aachen education region.

A representative of the District Government takes part in meetings held by the core working group for the practical semester. This allows them to support the teacher training program in a conceptual and creative capacity. Networking in this area also occurs at the state level in working groups in which district governments and centers for teacher training participate.

At the operational level, the collaboration is reflected particularly in the practical semester’s design and organization. For example, the district government and the LBZ jointly coordinate the offer of internships at schools in the training region and the allocation of internships.

Secondment posts for teachers at RWTH are another field where the University works together with government agencies. The Ministry of Education, the district government, and the LBZ are all involved in the process.