Lending of Equipment & Licences


Transfer of the existing service

In the course of the establishment of the MediaLab Lehramt, the successful service of equipment and license rental has also moved from the office at Theaterplatz to the new premises in the basement of the old Couvengymnasium.

Currently, the lending service is running as usual and described on the corresponding Pages. In the future, there will be an online portal with detailed information on equipment, licenses and availability, which can also be used to reserve media workstations on site.


New Equipment


In line with the development of the content of the modules on the use of digital media in the school context, new media that are not yet listed on the corresponding websites are currently being acquired on an ongoing basis. In particular, the successful piloting of the podcast module has resulted in the acquisition of extensive equipment for high-quality recording of sound and speech, some of which are also available for lending.

If you are interested, you are welcome to contact the MediaLab team at any time, we will be happy to advise you. We are also open to suggestions for acquisitions, within the scope of our possibilities, and will help where we can.