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MediaLab as a learning-space

Entrance MediaLab

The tasks of the MediaLab, which concern the study, are divided into three areas: curricular training offers, service partner for lecturers and their events as well as the offer of a learning place. By learning space we do not (only) mean the provision of learning rooms. The technology that we were allowed to purchase for student teachers should also be actively used. In addition to the possibility of borrowing technology, we also provide rooms where students and lecturers can try out current technology and reflect on its use in courses and school practice. On these pages we would like to make our offers on site transparent and present them to students and lecturers in a way that is suitable for the target group.

It is important that we do not only make our facilities available to student teachers and lecturers of didactics and educational sciences. We also welcome students who are not studying to become teachers, but who are attending courses that are also attended by student teachers, as well as doctoral students and research assistants in the subject didactics and educational sciences who currently have no teaching responsibilities.

You can find us here:

For the establishment of the MediaLab Lehramt, the university has provided us with beautiful and very central premises: We are located in the old Couvengymnasium in Kármánstraße, directly behind the Kármánauditorium, the building in which the Faculty of Philosophy and English Studies can also be found. However, the way to us is not through the main entrance, but through the door directly to the left.