Other services für students


Collection of teaching materials

A squirrel sitting on a pile of paper

Here you will find a treasure chest full of teaching materials. But be careful: This must first be filled. And it has to be filled by you! At the moment, the offer is still somewhat meager. But if all users of this platform and especially all 2000 student teachers of the RWTH gradually upload their material here, an impressive collection will emerge very quickly.

For self-enrollment you can either create a new account on our Moodle or use your already existing account (not the one from the RWTH-Moodle!) and enroll with the key 123456 .

This "course" offers you the opportunity to share and discuss your teaching materials, sequences and classroom visits with other students, trainees and teachers.

This is to create a community that distributes material under Creative Commons licenses and at the same time improves it through discussion. In short: Open Educational Resources (OER)

This service is divided into two parts: a database and a forum.

In the database you can upload your lesson plans and also download other lesson plans. In the forum you can ask questions about materials or discuss lesson plans. The discussion of the drafts should be a fruitful exchange in the best case, which should also take place interdisciplinary. This broadens the view beyond the horizon and has a great learning effect.

In addition, this prevents many great designs from ending up as deadbeats after the events in which they were created are over.

This course is freely accessible and you are very welcome to send the link to friends!


Support during the practical semester


Media consultation hour

From now on we offer our media consulting hour on Mondays in the MediaLab (Karmánstraße 17-19)!
You want to shoot an explainer video and need advice on the technical implementation?
You are planning a lesson during your internship or traineeship and need advice on the use of media?
Do you have general questions about technology and media in the context of school and teaching?
Then come to the MediaLab Lehramt on Mondays between 1 and 5 pm. We will help you with your inquiries and, if necessary, borrow the necessary technology directly. Pre-registration is desired, but not mandatory.
Would you prefer to be advised by Zoom? Of course that is also possible! Just contact us by mail or phone and we will set up a time slot.

Contact us:
Mail: medialab@lbz.rwth-aachen.de

Phone: 0241 8096287


Support for projects in lectures


Co-supervision of Bachelor and Master theses

From time to time, the MediaLab also offers exciting topics for a thesis. Thereby we are also in a co-supervising function. This gives you the opportunity to participate in the structures of the project "MediaLab Lehramt". You are also welcome to approach us if you think that your idea for a bachelor or master thesis is something we can support you with as supervisors. The whole thing is independent of subjects. The only thing you have to guarantee is that it is related to digital media in education.

If you are interested, please contact us at medialab@lbz.rwth-.aachen.de!