Committees and Bodies

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The central bodies of the Teacher Training Center, LBZ for short, are the Board of Directors and the Teacher Training Council. The Board of Directors manages the Center and makes decisions on matters of general and fundamental importance. The Teacher Training Council, on the other hand, decides on inter-faculty issues in teacher training with the participating faculties. The structural committee formed by the Teacher Training Council supports the Council and the Board of Directors.


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+49 241 80 93542



Board of Directors

The board of directors manages the Teacher Training Center. Contributing to the all-over commitment to university development, its members draw up medium-term strategies for advancing the teacher training program at RWTH while considering the guiding principles agreed on in the Teacher Training Council. Thus, the board of directors can make meaningful use of both staff and financial resources in the university's teacher training program. In this context, the members of the board also develop guidelines for participating in meetings of the rectorate and dean's office and committees and panels on the allocation of resources for teacher training and lay down the procedures for distributing the resources allocated to the LBZ.

Members of the Board
Name Position Telephone Email
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sven Kommer LBZ Chairman of the Board +49 241 80-93542
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Volker Rexing Deputy Chairman of the LBZ Board of Directors
Responsible for Academics, Coordination, and Advising
+49 241 80-25063
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sina Köhler Deputy Chairwoman of the LBZ Board of Directors
Responsible for Research and Promoting Young Talent
+49 241 80-96114
Dipl.-Gyml. Lars Bücken Management +49 241 80-96425

Teacher Training Council

All faculties involved in teacher training at RWTH Aachen University (six in total) and all groups are represented on the Teacher Training Council. Voting members are eight professors, three research assistants, two non-academic staff, and three students.

The Teacher Training Council deals with the safeguarding and development of teacher training at RWTH. In particular, it is responsible for structural agreements and changes to teacher training across the faculties. The representatives of the individual faculties raise subject-specific issues to the Council and report their solutions to the faculty. The Teacher Training Council is also responsible for coordinating the courses offered as part of the teacher training program. In consultation with the participating faculties, the Center Council has the authority to make decisions on inter-faculty matters concerning teacher training, particularly those that are structural in nature.


Structural Committee

The Teacher Training Council forms a structural committee. The structural committee supports the Teacher Training Council and the Board of Directors and develops appropriate recommendations within the framework of structural considerations.

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