Overview of Devices and Licenses

Cameras and Tripods
Device Model Usage
  • Panasonic HC-V757
  • Panasonic HC-V130

Conducting teaching projects in video form

  • Manfrotto small
  • Cullmann table tripod
  • Joy iPad table mount
  • Shoulder mount for camera
Stable positioning of cameras and iPads
  • iPad Air 16 GB Wifi
  • iPad mini Retina
Recording of pupils' desks,
Conducting teaching projects
Document imaging camera
  • Celexon Document imaging camera
Presenting written texts and pieces, for example books, images, sketches, etc.

Audio and Voice Recording Equipment
Device Model Usage
Audio recording device
  • Olympus LS-12
  • Olympus LS P2
Group interviews
Voice recorder
  • Olympus VN-712 PC
  • Philips Voice Tracer
Individual interview
Room microphone
  • Rhode Podcaster
Recording large groups
Clip-on microphone
  • ECM-821LT
Recording individual people

Wired tie clip microphone

with radio transmitter

  • Sennheiser EW 100
  • Sennheiser EM 100
Recording individual people
Table microphone
  • Olympus ME30W
Recording small groups
  • Audio-technica ATH M40x
  • Audio-technica ATH M30x
  • Sony MDR-ZX 110
    with Y adaptors
Presenting videos and audio files on an iPad

Data Processing
Item Model Usage
Smart pen
  • Echo Livescribe 2 GB
Digitalizing notes/ transferring
sound recordings

Foot control incl.
F4/F5 licenses
(Windows and Mac)

  • Science II
Checking transcriptions
of sound or video files
  • MAXQDA 12
    (Windows und Mac)
  • MAXQDA 11 plus (Windows)
Software for computer-supported
qualitative data and text analysis
  • Interact Light
Qualitative data analysis,
special videography

Presenting and Hosting Material
Item Model Usage
  • MW MovieLux Mobil
Mobile screen
  • 67 x 95 cm
    (rollable and height-adjustable)
Mobile hosting stand, also suitable for flip charts
Moderation set
  • WorkshopEtui Pin-It
Contains notes to stick on walls, etc.
Moderation set
  • WorkshopEtui Stick-It
Contains sticky notes