Equipment and License Rental Service

  Tablet, voice recorder, and flyers for the equipment and license rental service Copyright: © Jana Zimmermann

The RWTH Teacher Training Center provides an equipment and license rental service, which is aimed at students from the teacher training Bachelor and Master degree programs as well as doctoral candidates and lecturers from subject didactics and the educational sciences at RWTH.


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The rental service includes equipment and licenses that can be used for qualitative and quantitative data collection and data analysis for didactic and educational science projects.

New Location

Since the summer semester 2022, the MediaLab has taken over the supervision of the equipment and license rental.
This does not change anything in the lending process, except that the service now resides in the old Couvengymnasium. The building is located at Kármánstraße 17-19, in the same building as the "Philisophische Fakultät". The entrance is located to the left of the main entrance.

Borrowing Procedure

The necessary equipment can be borrowed free of charge from the office of the Teacher Training Center. The relevant items should be reserved in advance by , indicating the desired rental period.

Terms of Use and Liability

Before handing over the equipment, the Center will check that all the devices and components are complete, work correctly, and are not damaged. By signing the rental form, you confirm that you have received the equipment, licenses, and materials in full working order. You must also leave your email address as well as your cellphone number so you can be contacted if necessary.

The person borrowing the equipment is also liable for any and all damage and losses that occur during the borrowing period, incöuding if this is caused by third parties working for the individual. Therefore we recommend you check your liability insurance cover when using expensive equipment.

If you have further questions, please contact the person in the contact box.