Working Groups

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In order to work on more complex and time-consuming topics in the FachdidaktikForum, subject-specific sub-working groups are formed, in which specific information is collected and prepared for further use.



Dr. Cornelia Dieckmann

Koordination Fachdidaktik


+49 241 80 96328



Inclusion Working Group

The group is headed by Prof. Dr. Sina Mareen Köhler, Professor at the Chair of Educational Science with a focus on heterogeneity. The members of this working group provide information on the topic of inclusion and offer assistance in the design and development of inclusion-oriented events to the subject-specific didactics departments. They also work to coordinate the contents of these offers and events between all the departments involved in teacher training at RWTH.


Course Projects Working Group

The Course Projects group works on the structural and content-related design of the research component of the students' practical semester in one of the schools in the Aachen education region. This working group is headed by Prof. Dr. Volker Rexing.