"Netzwerk Vielfalt"

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"Netzwerk Vielfalt" ("Network Diversity") is an event format organized by Kommunales Integrationszentrum der Stadt Aachen and the Inclusion Working Group of FachdidaktikForum at RWTH. It is aimed at all interested parties who come across issues related to diversity and heterogeneity of pupils in their own teaching and/or in training future teachers.


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    Jana Zimmermann

    Didactics Coordinator


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    Twice a semester, the event offers representatives of schools, universities, and centers for practical teacher training the opportunity for a topic-specific discussion on how to deal with heterogeneity in schools and teaching. Students of teacher training, practical semester students, and prospective teachers are particularly welcome to attend.


    Diversity and heterogeneity have long since become the norm in everyday school life, but they continue to present both young and experienced teachers with new challenges. In order to deal with heterogeneity professionally, it is essential to be prepared, first of all in terms of basic theory, concepts and, last but not least, habits. Only then can options for action be considered and professionally implemented - in keeping with the 'didactic triangle'.

    The University faces the challenge of providing prospective teachers with a scientific perspective on inclusion and at the same time providing them with the relevant knowledge and methods based on current research findings that they will need to deal with heterogeneity professionally in practice. In order to make current problems of action and needs with regard to the training of prospective teachers visible in this context, an examination of the practical school perspective is essential. The aim of this format is therefore a mutual exchange, which can contribute in the long term to the design of adequate theoretical and practical training for future teachers and at the same time to feed new developments from research and science into school practice and effectively apply them there.

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