Subject-Specific Projects

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Didactics at RWTH features an extensive didactic research with a broad thematic spectrum and a large number of practical projects. These projects also function to promote young academics in teacher training at RWTH Aachen University.



Dr. Cornelia Dieckmann

Koordination Fachdidaktik


+49 241 80 96328



RWTH Aachen University attaches great importance to conducting didactic research and promoting young scientists.

Empirical research into teaching and tracking of progress should not, however, only be done by subject-specific didactics professionals, but students in teacher training programs should also systematically develop research skills in order to be able to apply them in practice in a targeted manner later on. Against this background, the practical semester at RWTH Aachen University is also oriented towards the concept of learning through research.

In addition to subject-specific issues, didactic research deals with overarching topics such as inclusion in education, the interrelation of theory and practice, and the topic of digitization.