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Choosing the Right Degree Program

Here you will find advising, useful links, and support on choosing the right degree program for you.

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Degree Program Models

You will find information on the different degree program models here.

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Application & Enrollment

Here you will find out what to be aware of regarding application and enrollment at RWTH.

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Orientation Week

You can find an overview of all the events for Orientation Week here.

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Changing Study Programs & Credit Transfer

Students can change their study program or subject under certain conditions.

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You will find the advising services for all matters related to teacher training studies at RWTH here.

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Haben Sie Fragen oder Probleme, die direkt Ihre Fächer betreffen oder wollt Ihr euch in Eurer Fachschaft engagieren? Sie können sich direkt an Ihre Fachschaft wenden, die Euch dort sehr kompetent mit Rat und Tat zur Seite steht. Welche Fachschaften es gibt und wie Ihr sie erreichen könnt, findet Ihr hier.


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Funding Opportunities

Many different scholarships and exchange programs are available for teacher training students.

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Teaching Practice

You can find all the important information on the different practical components of teacher training here.

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Module Components

Students have to take three module components in order to be eligible to register their Master's thesis. 

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Find the answers to your questions here!

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