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Choosing the Right Degree Program

Here you will find advising, useful links, and support on choosing the right degree program for you.

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Degree Program Models

You will find information on the different degree program models here.

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Teaching Practice

You can find all the important information on the different practical components of teacher training here.

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Module Components

Students have to take three module components in order to be eligible to register their Master's thesis. 

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Application & Enrollment

Here you will find out what to be aware of regarding application and enrollment at RWTH.

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Orientation Week

You can find an overview of all the events for Orientation Week here.

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Changing Study Programs & Credit Transfer

Students can change their study program or subject under certain conditions.

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You will find the advising services for all matters related to teacher training studies at RWTH here.

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Funding Opportunities

Many different scholarships and exchange programs are available for teacher training students.

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Find the answers to your questions here!

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