Teaser: Research Collaborations

Group photo of the FachdidaktikForum in the courtyard of Kármán-Auditorium. © Copyright: Jana Zimmermann


The FachdidaktikForum develops joint concepts and initiates research projects to strengthen and develop teacher training at RWTH Aachen University.

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The promotion of young researchers in didactics and the educational sciences is the key focus of the NachwuchsForums.

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Aachener Didaktiktag

Aachener Didaktiktag is a conference recognized as continuing education for teacher training, which the members of the FachdidaktikForum organizes every year.

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Teaser: Research Projects

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Interdisciplinary Projects

Here you will find information and further links to our interdisciplinary projects.

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Subject-Specific Projects

Didactics at RWTH features an extensive didactic research with a broad thematic spectrum and a large number of practical projects. Here you can find out about our subject-specific projects.

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In the context of teacher training, publications are regularly published, which can be purchased at the relevant departments or borrowed from the library.

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Teaser: Research Funding

Tablet, voice recorder, and flyers for the equipment and license rental service © Copyright: Jana Zimmermann

Equipment and License Rental Service

The Teacher Training Center offers an equipment and license rental service, which includes various devices and licenses that can be used for qualitative and quantitative data collection and data analysis.

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Woman holding enrollment documents © Copyright: Martin Braun

Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates may apply for funding in the form of a scholarship. You can find further information and links here.

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Research Associations and External Funding Acquisition

You can find an overview on this topic along with links to associations and external funding providers.

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