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Teaching Practicum EOP

The teaching practicum is the first practical element students will complete as part of their teaching degree.

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Dual Study Program

RWTH has been offering an extra-occupational, dual Master's degree program in German since Winter Semester 2017/18.

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Practical Teacher Training

The semester dedicated to practical teacher training is a key practical feature of the Master of Education and is jointly organized by three different bodies.

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Practical Semester Glossary

Keywords related to the practical semester are explained in our glossary.

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Offers for Pupils

German-speaking pupils can benefit from special offerings at RWTH – from orientation events to "Schülerlabore" and even internships.

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Secondments at RWTH are aimed at the further qualification of teaching staff and an increase in the practical reference of teaching and research.

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Certificate for Teaching German As a Second Language

The extra-occupational additional qualification, German as a Second Language, is aimed at all incumbent teachers in Germany who are confronted with issues related to pupils having German as a second language.

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