The RWTH Teacher Training Center, or LBZ for short, is a central scientific institution whose most important task is to ensure and further develop the science-oriented and vocational teacher training at RWTH Aachen University.

About the LBZ

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Team and Organizational Structure

Everyone who is actively engaged in teaching and research in teacher education or who contributes by undertaking specific tasks is a member of the teacher training center.

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Core Objective

By offering a teacher training program, RWTH Aachen University is responsible for the level of education and quality of life of future generations. The LBZ is therefore committed to fostering effective and interdisciplinary collaboration of everyone involved.

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Committees and Bodies

Essential bodies of the Teacher Training Center are the Board of Directors and the Center Council.

A structural committee acts as a connecting element, which supports and facilitates the important structural decisions of the Center Council.

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Working Groups

The working groups at the Teacher Training Center are divided into two areas: working groups of the  FachdidaktikForum and cross-institutional working groups for the practical semester.

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Our Team

The staff of the LBZ office are highly involved in the training of teachers at RWTH Aachen University. For our contact information click here.

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Front Office

The front office serves as the initial contact point for all queries and it is where students submit and collect documents or certificates. All administrative processes are coordinated here.

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Here you will find a detailled list of the LBZ staff and their assigned fields of activity.

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Teaser: Education Region

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Schools in the Region

Here is an overview of all secondary schools – Gymnasium and Gesamtschule – and vocational colleges that are assigned to the Centers for Practical Teacher Training, ZfsL for short, in Aachen, Jülich, and Düren.

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Centers for Practical Teacher Training in the Region

Within the education region, RWTH Aachen University closely collaborates with the Centers for Practical Teacher Training Aachen, Jülich, and Vettweiß.

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District Government

The district government of Cologne as school supervisory authority for the Aachen education region is an important  partner of the LBZ.

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